Who Is René Quinton?

René Quinton was a French Physiologist, who whilst at the Laboratoire de Pathologie Physiologique at the College de France studied comparative temperature and salt concentration between different species, demonstrating within his Law of Marine Constancy that in order for an evolving organism to successfully leave the ocean, it had to take this life supporting solution with it and therefore concluding that our own internal body terrain today has evolved from the ocean itself.

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René Quinton published the results of his research in his book “L’eau de mer, milieu organique” The book was acclaimed by the Paris Academy of Medicine and René Quinton was lauded for his approach to health. QMP was used to remarkable effect to support cellular health to enable the body to recover from many different illnesses, saving nearly one million lives. Rene Quinton’s work helped people with malnutrition, gastro-intestinal infections, infant cholera, fertility problems, eczema and psoriasis.


By 1910, 70 Marine Dispensaries had opened in France.


First UK, Marine Plasma dispensary clinic established in Portland Street, London with huge success. Other clinics also opened during this year, including those in Boston, USA and Germany. Claude Bernard, the father of modern physiology, spoke of how the internal terrain preserved the function of the cells, organs and body. Antoine Bechamp supported this assertion which became the basis for treating the individual, not the disease.


Dr Jean Jarricot worked alongside Quinton and co-wrote a book ‘Le Dispensaire Marin’ – a 600-page clinical report on using Quinton Isotonic in paediatric work. This showed studies carried out by Jarricot who had followed women suffering from miscarriages and stillbirths or carrying babies to full-term who had deformities or were severely unwell. The women and their partners were given QMP and went on to have healthy pregnancies and carried babies to full-term with no complications.


René Quinton dies from wounds sustained during during World War I. In recognition of his work, he was afforded a State funeral in Paris. Approximately one million people (including dignitaries from around the world) attended and paid tribute to a remarkable scientist who was also a war hero, a philosopher and an aviation pioneer.Dr’s Macé, Simon, Potocki and others continue Quinton’s work treating many thousands of patients for most of the 20th Century using various Quinton marine products that were registered as Pharmaceuticals and listed in the French Vidal.


The French Vidal Medical Dictionary stated that it would be possible to replace the entire volume of blood with Quinton Isotonic without any adverse effects. Pre-1982, marine plasma was administered orally or by injection. The French Vidal (Dr’s Medicines Reference Book) listed varied indications as treatment and results were described as having cured diseases.


New legislation passed requiring injectables to be heat treated contra to Quinton's protocol of cold micro-filtration only - unacceptable for QMP as heat creates damaging hydroxyl free radical compounds. QMP therefore slips into obscurity until it's relaunch as an equally effective oral supplement.


The René Quinton Foundation was founded by Don Joan Miquel Coll, the founder of Quinton Laboratoires. This established the best curative strategies and their subsequent promotion and promulgation as Marine Therapy. Laboratories Quinton kept to the original protocol, achieving today’s pharmaceutical-grade products. QMP was reclassified as a food supplement.


Today Cellnutrition Quinton continues to be harvested from beneath plankton blooms in the Atlantic Ocean, the same way it was more than 100 years ago. Our natural supplement contains all of the 78 minerals and trace elements required by the body, in perfect proportions and in a fully bioavailable form for optimal wellbeing. It has always been and continues to be 100% natural and 100% safe.

René Quinton – Historical Case Studies

Impetiginous Eczema

This shows a 10 month old child’s face eczema evolution which had failed to be cured with several different therapies.
It was treated with Quinton Marine Plasma via progressive injections of 10, 15 and 25 cc. for 49 days.

The next image shows the great improvement, 1 month after the treatment being completed.

Another case of Impetiginous Eczema

This is a 50-year-old woman with impetiginous eczema, failure of different therapies prior to QMP. The condition was present on hands, forearms, neck and face with extreme peeling and oozing

Quinton Plasma treatment, of progressive injections 30, 50 and 100 cc.

Peeling stopped at third injection. Oozing stopped at fourth injection.

Completely cured following treatment.


This is a 16 year-old woman presenting with severe Psoriasis, which had not improved with previous treatment methods. Over a period of 5 years, the condition had worsened to the point of intense scaling. Quinton Plasma treatment, of progressive injections of 50, 100, 200 and 250 cc.

Two injections per week for 6 weeks. Interruption of therapy after 6 weeks.

Photo 1, prior to treatment, photo 2, 18 months later without recurrence.

Appetite and weight of patient quickly improved with treatment.

“We are truly a living marine aquarium in which some billion cells are swimming” – Rene Quinton